sequence recorder with physics


I’m trying to use the sequence recorder to record some motion with my character and noticed a few weird things that happen if your character contains physics simulation eg. ragdoll simulation.

when I use sequence recorder my frame rate drops to half of what it normally is 60fps to 30fps. As soon as I trigger the ragdoll event on my character my fps drops to 10-12fps, the problem with this
is that it seems sequence recorder records animation based on the fps of the view port.

When this happens all the physics motion on my character doesn’t look right when I stop and sequence recorder and play back the the recorded motion. everything looks like it’s in slow motion and doesn’t
look like right at all, compared to just pressing play with no sequence recorder stuff happening. Tried multiple settings but none seem to fix the problem.

My scene setup is also very simple 1 character\flat plane as environment floor\walk cycle animation and a keyboard event that triggers ragdoll. That’s it.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a work around to this?

thanks in advance.