sequence recorder render movie problem

I have an error rendering my sequencer movie. I have no problem in the editor but when I´m trying to export it as video with the sequencer option, I got this error with a vehicle BP in the scene. “PIE:Warning: Warning Attempting to move a fully simulated skeletal mesh VehicleMesh. Please use the Teleport flag” and the vehicle don´t moves but works perfectly if I play it in the editor.

This is something that we just fixed and will come out with 4.15.

For 4.14, if you take a look at MovieScene3DTransformTrackInstance.cpp, you’ll need to change:

SceneComponent->SetRelativeLocationAndRotation(Translation, Rotation);


// If this is a simulating component, teleport since sequencer takes over. 
// Teleport will not have no velocity, but it's computed below by sequencer so that it will be correct for physics.
AActor* Actor = SceneComponent.GetOwner();
USceneComponent* RootComponent = Actor ? Actor->GetRootComponent() : nullptr;
bool bIsSimulatingPhysics = RootComponent ? RootComponent->IsSimulatingPhysics() : false;

SceneComponent.SetRelativeLocationAndRotation(Translation, Rotation, false, nullptr, bIsSimulatingPhysics ? ETeleportType::TeleportPhysics : ETeleportType::None);

thanks. but where is the “MovieScene3DTransformTrackInstance.cpp” ?

Oh, sorry about that. You’ll need to modify and recompile code to get this to work.

Otherwise, the 4.15 preview release should be out in a couple of weeks and it will have the fix in that.

Max.Chen, you talked about how to fix that problem but I am still having serious problem with squence record in 4.15. it has low fps and ı can not control my vehicle.

Sorry to hear that. Would it be possible to send us your project so we can debug further?