Sequence Recorder Only recording the Movements of FPC, Not Blueprint Actions

Hello Everyone,
Thanks in Advance for Any help in this.

I am having issue in Sequence recorder.

Its Only Recording the Camera Movements on the Screen, But If I am Changing any Materials on Screen (With Blueprints), I can see it while playing but Not in recording.

Please see Attached Screen shots.


Are you trying to record a live movie with sequencer? I don’t think that’s what it’s made for. Better to use NVidias shadow play for it or something similar. If you want to change something you need to add an event track and then change it in there. - What do you want to do with it?

First Thanks for your reply.

I want to record a video with the First person Character. In which I will Be Changing the Materials Of the Objects.

I was Following the below video For that.
Please See Screen recording below.

The issue I am having, The final Video Not Reflecting the Material Changes (Only Movements Of First Person), Though I am Able to See while Recording on screen.
I hope I made Myself Clear This time.

Regarding NVidias shadow play, Could you please share a video or Something to do What I Am expecting to do from Sequence Recorder.

Thanks Again.

you can start or stop recording pressing Alt+F9. There are other screen recording apps out if you don’t have a Nvidia card.

Sequencer is not made for screen recording.

Thanks for the video. But I still having an issue in recording video.

I do have Nvidia Card. Please see the Details below.

When I click on Recording, Nothing Happens and It’s Not saving any Video. I am only able to Capture the screen shot with it.

Kindly Let me know if I need to do some Specific Settings in it.