Sequence Recorder No Audio

Can’t figure how to record audio when using the Sequence Recorder window. It does have an option ‘Audio Recording’ but it records my mic on my Windows PC or nothing at all on my Mac.

Unfortunately, audio recording is only supported on Windows.

I’m going to jump on this as I have the same question. I’m on windows, 4.26.

EX: Testing in the default game / first person example map, trying to record the gun mesh moving and the sound of it shooting when it shoots, as heard from the camera.

In sequence recorder, with record audio checked, it’s obviously recording my microphone: On playback I can hear myself talk, lots of feedback buzzing, faintly can hear the gunshots plus my mouse clicking.

Take recorder plugin doesn’t seem to record any audio, no option in settings and doesn’t by default.

Is there a way for either of these, or some other plugin, to record the gameplay audio as heard from my earphones as I’m playing/recording animation during gameplay?

(another specific example would be to record a car driving, the car has a bunch of sound effects attached to it, most importantly the engine reving sound that pitches higher and lower linked to speed. Would be obviously time consuming to re-create that in post, and frustrating as it already exists right there).