Sequence Recorder Issue

Hi guys,

I’m attempting to render out a sequence of 300 frames in .exr format. The issue i have is that sometimes when I record I get a different amount of frames for the same length of animation. Sometimes I have 230 frames, sometimes 295, it’s seemingly random…

I didn’t used to get this behavior when rendering non hdr formats. Is there a way to solve this issue?

Thanks for any help!

No ideas? :frowning:

Anyone able to reproduce this inconsistent frame recording? Try to render a scene with HDR capture on with a dense/low fps scene. One thing to note in my case is I’m recording at a very high resolution, so the recording process is unable to maintain 30 fps consistently… Does this matter? I didnt think it did…

On further testing it seem’s its not just happening to me in .exr formats… also in png sequence :frowning: