Sequence recorder camera is rotated 90 degrees from character

Question says it all. As soon as I click Record, I go forward with gameplay. When I press ESC to end recording and do playback, all I see on the playback inset window is the floor moving forward as the player moves. In other words, my follow camera is rotated 90 degrees above the player during recording. When playing normally, everything’s fine.
Anybody know what’s going on here?

Hi ,I have the same problem now,have you solved thie problem yet?

The default ThirdPerson Charactor is fine,but once I change the skeletalmesh,the camera and capsule always have the wrong rotater angle.

I have found the reason. You need to check the bone of the SkeletalMesh ,notice the rotation information of your hip bone.You can check the set and compare it with the information of the thirdperson template’s skeletalmesh bone set.