Sequence playing only once

Hi. I made this simple door animation sequence using the sequencer instead of matinee. A trigger box triggers the play of the door opening sequence just fine. The problem is that the sequence doesn’t play for a second time when you trigger it again. The trigger box is all good because when I use it to toggle a light’s visibility it works just fine for unlimited number of times. The problem seems with the sequence or with the code used to play it. It’s like this:

Event begin overlap >>> play (with the door sequence as input)

Can you please tell me why is this happening?

You’ll need to set the playback position back to 0 (the beginning). Call SetPlaybackPosition() before you call Play().

After a lot of tinkering I was able to solve it finally! I made a simple door blueprint using sequencer. I will post it in a separate thread. Thanks for your help though I was able to do it by trial and error before your post!

The solution is to set the playback position after playing the animation as you mentioned but I discovered you had to add a couple of delays also in order for it to work.