Sequence of animations with blending


I’m looking for a way to put animations in a specific sequence and looping it on a character. Each animation should be played from beginning to end and blend to the next one over 0.5s short before the end. I also need to be able to apply a static AimOffsets for head rotation.

What I tried so far:

  • Animation Montage: No blending and no AimOffsets
  • Animation Blueprint with “Blend Poses by Int” node by switching animations using Delay nodes. That kind of works, but somehow gets out of sync over time, even when I put the exact durations from the animations and subtract the blending times.

What is the right way to approach this if I don’t need any further logics than that?
My project is on 4.20.

Thank you very much!

Certainly there are many possible ways how to accomplish that.
My solution would be:
In animation blueprint, create a state machine. For every animation, create a separate state and put a sequence player node (= your animation) into that state. Create a transition from one state into the next, set a duration of that transition (like 0.5s you mentioned). For every such transition, set an automatic transition rule by checking “Automatic Rule Based On Sequence…” which ensures that transition activates at the precise time before the animation ends (0.5s in your case). If you connect the last state with the first one you get infinite looping sequence of animations.

That worked splendid, thank you very much for the easy solution! :slight_smile: