Sequence doesn't pass through "Then 1"

Why doesn’t my Sequence pass throught Then 1? It works fine for the Then 0 node:

You can’t be both a “SPfpsMovementCharacter” AND a “ThirdPersonCharacter” at the same time. One of those will fail, seems to be the third person character. Not sure what you are trying to do here in this function but perhaps you want to go route A or B depending on which character the player is possessing? In that case a “cast to SPfpsMovementCharacter” followed by a cast to “third person character” from the “fail” pin would be ideal. This way it checks first if you are a “SPfpsMovementCharacter” and if not it will check for a “third person character”. One of those should succeed assuming you are using only those 2 characters in your game.

Yea, I had to link Cast Failed to the other Cast and create a new return node. Thanks!