September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

Count me in as well

Alright I’l update info :wink:

Name: Jay
Skills: modeling/baking/texture (sculpting but one weekend not enough time to worry about it imo.)
Past Work: TheDarkMod (pc gamer mod of year 2013 - doom3>thief stand alone total conversion)models characters textures map, TF2 maps (koth_sandvich currently 2nd most popular map this week ) items (one in game voted most ridiuclous item for pyro by escapist The Escapist), dota 2 items, Thief 2 objects (Skully bros first custom ai fo and maps (Relic:left for dead: one of highest rated), Morrowind objects (most popular bottle replacement) maps, Zero Gear cars and ai (fan content), (too much info? ;D)
Looking To: 3d models/baking

Really need to team up with someone who knows unreal and blueprints good, I’m just starting to work through videos.

Would be good to have a 3d artist, because I’m mainly a programmer and technical artist (materials, effects, textures,…) :slight_smile:

We are still looking for 1 PROGRAMMER and 1 ARTIST. Come Jam with us!

skype: m.dudek360

3/5 slots filled
[P] [P] [A] ?] ?]

Hey guys,

We (me and another artist) already teamed up with a programmer however we are still looking for one more coder and a audio artist (as team size can be up to 5)

If you are a programmer looking for a group contact via skype - voltage_dfm (William Gates) and you guys can work out if you are a good match.
If you are an sound artist contact me via skype - ****Pyliovsky (Paulius Rumsa) or through email -

P.S. A audio guy with some 2D background would be Ideal but not essential :smiley:

Happy team hunting!

Yup, happy team building. And don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a team this month. Still make something!

I always enjoy seeing what other people come up with.

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to Unreal and game creation in general. However, I have a lot of free time right now that I can learn any role that a team requires, except art (I can’t even draw good looking stick figures). I have a fair bit of experience in programming, and am learning all about Unreal right now through Unreal’s youtube page.
Name: Aaron
Skills: Programming experience, blueprint experience, level design, game design (coming up with ideas, laying out details, planning out character progression etc…).
Looking to: join an awesome team and a learn a lot. I’m down to doing anything that’s needed except art.
Contact: Hit me up here, or Skype @ ATCraiger, or email me at

Like I said I’m a big newb when it comes to all this, but I’m got the desire, time, and general knowledge to be a useful part of a team. I’m super stoked about this whole thing!

Hey people! I am a game designer with a little UE4 experience and am looking for programmers and artists at my level or above. This would be my first game jam and I am fairly enthusiastic about it :slight_smile:

Well my skills are level designing, blueprint visual scripting… currently working on my first project which is near finishing

I’m one of the guys form the last game jam in Fisherman’s Dream. Really enjoyed the game jam last time and if your interested in working and having a great time let me know :slight_smile: I am a work horse and I get stuff done!

Got two team mates so far it seams. Any others interested?

Umm unfortunately your link is broken

Hey guys! I’m the creator of Dark Deception. I love horror games! I would like to participate in the game jam this year :). Anybody need an extra team member? I’m an experienced generalist on the art side that can do pretty much anything needed (UI/UX, modeling, concept, animation, world building, lighting, etc) .

Anyone that might want to work with the team who created Fishermans Dream, allars 3rd place choice for August skype me blendertek and I’ll add you to the discussion.

Hey Slapunas, THANK YOU!!! Fixed it just now.

Are you are programmer who is super passionate about creating awesome games?
Are you a shy person and as a result struggling to group up with similarly minded individuals?
Do you see yourself as a talented and easy going person capable to work in a team without overshadowing others ?

IF you answered yes to at least 2 of those questions, contact voltage_dfm (William Gates) via skype now, team [NO NAME YET] probably needs you!!!

(team progress 4 out of 5)

Hey, I could be interested to join up with you… Here is my portfolio…

Our Team is Filled for September
Best of luck to the other contestants. Lets see what everyone creates this month! =D
-3D Artist (FILLED)
-3D Arist (FILLED)
-Programmer #1 (FILLED)
-3D Enviromental Artist (FILLED)
-Programmer #2(FILLED)

Our Current Team:

Name: Philipp
Skills: Programmer

Name: Tim
Skills: Character Artist

Name: Brandon
Skills: Programmer
Past Work: August’s Game Jam Solo Entry 'Pool of Dead" (August #UE4JAM, August 13-16th, THEME: THROWN IN AT THE DEEP END - Events - Unreal Engine Forums) It’s the main page’s YouTube thumbnail.

Name: Daniel
Skills: Environmental Artist

Name: Jay
Skills: 3D Artist

Finally I will also have time to participate. I was so busy with my master’s thesis lately (deadline 2nd September w00t) and some other university stuff before, that I have no portfolio online. I plan to build up a portfolio in the next months - working on as many challenges as possible will help doing so.

I worked on 3 UE4 projects while studying. One was a VR tank driving simulation (, one a Homeworld style VR Space RTS for Gear VR (not yet published master’s thesis) and I made live video streaming from a DJI drone to Gear VR possible for my team at the Second DJI Drone Challenge (we did not make it to the finals, the app was too rudimentary, but the video stream worked solid g).

I have been a teacher for a semester, teaching UE4 basics (editor overview, animations, Blueprint, C++, Networking).

For now I create a lone wolf team, reserving the Monkey Island inspired team name. Maybe next month with some portfolio online, I will team up with some artists. My main focus is on programming. Still I can handle Blender, Maya LT, 3D Coat and Allegorithmic Substance Tools a little, but a little might not be enough in such a short time-frame - so the “Overall Visuals” will not be my best rating category this round I guess.

Oh and I have to admit, I am only interested in VR projects!!! VR is the future of gaming. (If I only had the money for the licenses (and a huge army of artists), I’d create Monkey Island VR and/or Neocron VR (best MMORPG ever, but dead)…)

Team Name: VR Mighty Pirates

Name: Marcel
Specialty: 1st System Design, Programming + 2nd Everything else that needs to be done
Web: (haven’t had much time for blogging or community posts the last year, but that will change soon)

P.S. Why the hell am I telling my full life story here!? o_0

I am so in! I really want to test my skills in a team environment! Anyone need a model or texture assets? If not I will try solo :cool:

Sound guy looking for a team! Skilled in both sound design and music composition