September 50% Sale

Hey guys.

Toady I started my traditional 50% annual sale.
And until Unreal team will wake up and discount my assets on Unreal market, as they promised, :slight_smile: you can purchase from my store here:


How long does the sale last?

Edit: Just had a look at your site. September 15th is when the sale ends.

It will end at 14 of September.

I got answer. If I understood right, sales will start soon at 11:00 am EST.

I would love to see your goblins as well, on Unreal market place.

Me too, but unfortunately to be accepted they must be rigged with EPIC rig. I can’t transfer my animations into EPIC rig technically.
I think they will be almost useless without my animations.

oh well, in the meantime I’ll be the Pied Piper


If this is what I think - it will not help :slight_smile:
But you are welcome!

Must admit your work is pretty amazing, I’ve bought nearly every single asset you have but the thing I’m wanting for the monster demon type assets are animations sort of like when a demon from film or the exorcist seems someone and slowly but creepily starts turning around im after that animation if you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

the Pied Piper of Hamlin led the rats through streets, meaning I got your rats XD

Yep. But unfortunately your magic don’t effects Goblins to lead them into Unreal Market square. :wink:

Hi @Necturus, we hope that your sale is going well! A great selection you have on discount. We hope to see more creatures pop up in our submission reviews. :slight_smile:

Thank you Reubitron! It going well. Honestly I am surprised. :slight_smile:
I am planing to add few more monsters next week indeed.

Thank you frostyshield. Actually I have pretty strong imagination.
So after read your description I have several visions in my head. Don’t know if one is right. :wink:

One more food pack was added today.

If your NPSs still hungry please invite them to Medieval Feast. :wink:




I just wanted to share a good news.
I found the way to transfer my animations into Epic rig.
Skeleton Army first in the way. :slight_smile:

That is great news!

I take it that your animation mega packs will also be re-targeted to the epic rig.

Also - If I buy an animation mega pack from your store can I have the Unreal version instead of the Unity version?

Just curious,


Thank you! :wink:

Yes seems it is possble, but will need much more work from my side.
Lets say to prepare one collection will take a 4-5 workdays.

I will need go and fix every animation. And in case of archer it may take even more time.
So I don’t advise you to purchase Unity pack. I didn’t decide yet to go on this war. :wink:
And in any case I will prepare some characters first.

Alright will hold off purchasing the animations until you have them squared away :slight_smile:

Yes. I don’t think I am lazy. But to fix animations it is a very boring work. My brain hate it much. Even if I go on this way, it will be slowly steps. :slight_smile: