"September 22" prototype.

Hi. Ive started making my game 8 months ago with zero experience in gamedev, modeling and animation. Still developing alone. This is what Ive made so far:

Title: “September 22”

Story: Cairo contact has reported growing covert activity at the Giza Plateau. Looks like they have found something big. Time to pay them an uninvited visit…


Screenshots and more info: (don`t forget to click on eye)

Your comments and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

That is incredible how you set that up. It has a distinct sense of style, and I am really looking forward to see more! keep up the great work dude

I’ve never seen anything like this, really unique concept. Great job, can’t wait to see more.

This reminds me of a video I saw years ago. It was fake, but had the same premise of someone setting loose a rover inside of a pyramid and the video ends with figure coming into view before you can really make out what it was.

I’m very interested in this.

Thank you, guys. I`m planning to finish it next year. Also I have applied for Unreal Dev Grant and it can significantly boost the process. But who will give money to gamedev noob on his first game? :slight_smile:

Very nice! This is a unique game idea, to repeat what others have said before me; it truly is! I wonder what direction for gameplay you will take this game. I’m interested to see all that you could come up with to make it an immersive and (maybe?) challenging game.