Seperate Animations For Various Weapons

Newer User here.

How would you go about using different attack animations for different weapons? For example, when I have nothing equipped I’d like to use a “Punching” animation whereas If I have an axe equipped I’d like to use Melee animations and gun animations for guns, so on and so forth.

I’ve looked for tutorials but I’ve only found tutorials on how to set up animations for JUST melee, or JUST punching,etc.

I’m assuming it has to do with linking the blueprint to the different classifications of specific objects/weapons but I’m not quite experienced enough on how to actually properly set it up without the help.

Anyway, ALL help is greatly appreciated, and if someone could even provide me with a link to a tutorial that would be fantastic!


You will need to use Blend Poses by int/bool/enum node

Here is an example of animation blueprint that I’m working on. It currently has 3 modes: no weapon, rifle, pistol. Rifle can be ironsight or holding at a hip. Each state allows to idle/walk/run/prone/crouch/jump/equip weapon/stash weapon.

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Thank you!

So, I should set up different blend spaces in the anim graph of my character? Does that include reload and recoil and all those different animations?

The picture here is from the tutorial I followed. It allows for a combo but the problem is, it doesn’t specify for which weapon that’s equipped or whether or not one IS equipped.

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