Separating player's camera and player's "ear" - how ?

When making top down games / RTSs and sometimes TPS games, it’s preferable to have player’s “ear” at about the same plane as enemies / world sound sources and by default player’s “ear” is where camera is (which could be very high up above the gameplay plane in some cases)

Is it possible to setup player’s character in a way that player’s “ear” is separated from camera ?


i have the same question for a different reason. dont mind me i just place my post here to find this thread later.

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I got an idea about this.

It’s an… unorthodox solution, BUT.

Instead of getting the ear to the sound, why not bring the sound to the ear? AKA making your units emit sound at a height (and possibly skewed to sound slightly closer to the camera too) to dodge that issue.

Sure, that’s the first thing that came to mind. However, if you have hundreds of actors and hundreds of ambient sounds, tweaking everything will be a royal pita. Plus, in FMOD training videos they talk about bringing “ear” down, not sound sources up.

It’s just a proper way of doing things.

I have no idea what FMOD even is, and to me, “proper way of doing things” means absolutely nothing except that it’s an obstacle to making things work. Bloodletting was considered the “proper way” of fixing some ailments until modern medicine came along. And since what we do has very little impact on anything, as long as you don’t make spaghetti you’ll turn out okay.

And if you have hundreds of actors? You either mean have hundred of instances, in which case you change the blueprint of the baseline actor. If you literally have hundreds of actor templates, then… Get working, I guess.

But yeah, otherwise I have no idea how to dissociate the audio and video of a camera.