Separate Terrain Tool Settings & Additional Terrain Hotkeys

While using the Terrain sculpting tools, Sculpt, Smooth, Flatten, etc…

I’m constantly fighting with the Brush/Tool Settings between them all.

I like my Flatten to have a Brush Falloff - 0], and Tool Strength - 1]. It makes it simple to block out the big rough shapes and I can change the values later to get more refined control when I do another pass.

And I have preferences for each other tool, but fighting against the One Setting for All mentality disrupts any one’s smooth workflow.

So their are Hotkeys for switching between Terrain Tools, but you have to set them manually through the Editor Preferences. (Kind of sucks they can’t be dependent on which mode you are in. They are universal, so you have to come up with some interesting single hand friendly keys that don’t interfere with another one’s.)

But I can’t find any Hotkey for “Brush Size/Falloff” or “Tool Strength” which I would really like to use. Having to constantly scrub or type in the values in the left pane gets tiresome time after time.

Bump, anyone else want this?

Like to know from the Devs if their any plans for at-least additional hotkeys.

Bump - for what it’s worth.

I found a few other threads requesting these features but this is the most recent one I think.

It’s not really a satisfactory workflow at the moment, and these features should be very simple to add.

Hi Rob McLachlan,

This is already in our system as UE-11832. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe of when it will be addressed.

Thanks Adam, look forward to it!

I changed the interface code a bit to add a separate property for the sculpt strength to address the most irritating shared settings issue. My pull request is here: