Separate Engine plugins from Project plugins (due to version control)

Now all the plugins are bound to Project. But we have some plugins that are ment for editor only, and those may affect only the work environment, like UI, automation etc.
Now it’s an annoying thing for people who work with Version Control. We can’t set custom environments per user, or have to ignore the project file in the repo.
Sometimes you own some plugins that other people may not have.
Thank you.

I’m not sure what you are asking for? Can you elaborate?

basically making editor-only plugins be local to the editor installation and not hooked into the project file.
if you use source control and you install a plugin you have to either: add your project to the ignore list (bad, if someone on your team updates the project file you won’t get it), keep remembering to not submit the file (bad if you rely on pushing all files before pulling, like with git), or pushing the project file with the plugin dependency (bad, it forces all your team members to get the plugin)

+1 to this