Senza Peso: A VR Cinematic Epic through the After Life

VR Experience: Windows Download
Watch the short:

The idea: Watch the visually and musically-rich short film, then descend into the beautiful realms depicted therein and experience the afterlife for yourself without having to die first!

We’re going to do more detailed blog posts and put up part of the UE4 project for download (including stereo billboards & video with alpha) but for more details right now, check out our blog post

Kite & Lightning

WOW! Simply amazing. I need to go borrow an Oculus and watch this.

I really enjoyed watching this :slight_smile:
Just out of curiosity, why the Italian title (and song) ?

The live-action parts were awesome! I am so excited to try this out. I am a big fan of all of the new VR Cinematic Experiences people have been making.

I downloaded your demo, but I got black screen only! It seems it only works with Oculus rift only right? Cna you please make an option to switch between oculus rift and normal demo like all VR demos do? I want to enjoy your great work ! :smiley:

That funny story goes something like… Sasha the singer, the Dave the Cello player and Nik the producer were in his apartment in NY, they were thinking about lyrics and hungry so they ordered pizza, one of them jokingly threw out an italian accent, they all laughed and suddenly it was like… lets sing this song in Italian. Sasha’s friend translated / contributed to the lyrics. Probably not the answer you we’re expecting?!

Lot’s of people seem to be asking for that, which makes perfect sense… Let’s see if we can put that on the radar.

Amazing! I really have to get/borrow an oculus rift. It seems that there is some pretty cool stuff around to watch and play :smiley:

Just tried it with my oculus rift and it was amazing. So beautiful. Felt like traveling through art. And the close up on the face was awesome. Finally something professional not made in Unity to show off the oculus with. Thank you and keep that talent flowing :smiley:

Cheers guys! Good news! Good news! I have found a video songs, wish it can solve your problem.

thanks for sharing