Sensing AI Controller doesn't work

Hi, I am facing some problems with my Ai controller. basically i am looping through all actors sensed, and then again through all the last stimuli sensed checkhing with a branch that they were successfully sensed. if they were, with another branch i check whether the tag of the stimuli is the player footstep sound, if not it’s the sight (i’m not making other sounds for now), if it’s the steps i set to true the blackboard bool “HearPlayer”, if it’s the sight i set to true “SeePlayer”. then if it was the hearing, i set the stimuli origin as the blackboard vector TargetLocation the AI will go to. instead if the “successfully sensed” check is false, i turn both hearing and sight to false.
The problem is that they never actually turn off. or depending on the situation they will turn on but the AI will act as if they weren’t for some reason. what am i doing wrong?