Senior Unreal Programmer to help my junior along

Hi everybody,

We are producing a narrative adventure and have run into a situation in which we need an experienced programmer to help our Junior out a bit. What we need to get done is not complicated in Unreal terms but every now and then there is a hickup that we cannot solve on our own and so we are lookinf for someone who knows their way around the engine that we can ask a question and consult with maybe once a week for the coming two months or so. As you can tell, this is relatively vague since, frankly, we quite simply don’t know what problems we will encounter along the way.

Regardless, if you’re interested in joining a small indie team for a remote consulting position to help us out a bit and make a few extra bucks, kindly let me know.

Kind Regards

Hello, im intressted. If you still need help.

Blueprints or C++?

I am interested

Super interested in this, I am from Ireland with 5 years UE4 experience solo developer for RACING GAME on Steam and teach Interactive Narratives to Masters students in Ireland