Senior Programming Generalist Needed

Glowstick Entertainment is looking for a highly skilled senior level programmer to finish the indie FPS/tower defense game, Dead Acres (

Skill in enemy AI, pathfinding, and FPS gameplay mechanics are essential. After getting a group of inexperienced & unreliable programmer applicants last time, there is a heavy emphasis this time on the AAA resume requirement. We need someone that knows what they are doing right away.


  • **Worked for at least one AAA game company (EA, Activision/Blizzard, Supercell, Microsoft, Bungie, Riot, Sega, Nintendo, etc) + shipped at least 1 AAA PC/console title OR was a key contributor to a very well known indie title. **
  • Highly skilled in C++
  • Highly skilled with UE4
  • Very skilled with enemy AI and pathfinding systems
  • Experience creating gameplay systems (example: weapons/vehicle systems)
  • Experience setting up multiplayer for FPS games (2 player online with matchmaking)
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • A windows or Linux based PC to work on (no Mac programmers)

**Other Requirements:

  • Full time availability. No other contracts! We need someone that will commit to this game project and get it done fast.**

- Passionate about games

- Highly self-motivated and professional attitude = no micro-managing required

- Can deliver at a fast rate and at the expected quality level

**- Fluent in English



  • Experienced with Vive VR & own your own Vive headset

Please contact [EMAIL=“”] if interested. Include links to your previous work.

I wonder how many AAA senior programmers work in UE4 and where did you find those who didn’t deliver such simple tasks. 80% positive reviews though!

P.S. I’m free at the moment, unfortunately I missed non-AAA employee stage

@Two-faced - I work in the industry and have spent a few years at larger game companies. Many of the programmers I worked with freelanced or did their own thing. More used Unity than UE4, but game engines like Frostbite are pretty similar to UE4. I gave junior level programmers a shot early on because, really, this is not that complex of a game. However, that decision has not worked out too well so far. Previous guys were interview pros, but once the work started they either didn’t have the skill to complete the tasks assigned, submitted buggy/mediocre work, or slacked off. The bad programmers have really delayed the game tremendously since it is gold on art and sound. Dead Acres should have launched long ago. I’m hoping at least a few capable senior level programmers do eventually look through the UE4 forums for freelance work - thus the AAA resume requirement (though very well known indie dev game work is also acceptable).

Hello @FlyingBurrito I have sent you a request on google Hangout for further discussion. As My team can work on the same but need to understand the budget also. As it will cost high. Quality 200% assurance.

One prototype sample for you:
Please check one game that we have developed:

We worked on many games in last 8 years and I am sure our list of client base will impress you:

This is still open. So far I’m only getting outsource studios. I’m looking for an individual contractor.

I’m still looking to fill this position. Previous FPS experience on a console or PC title is a huge plus. Please apply if that’s you and you’d like to be considered.

Bumping this. The position is still unfilled.