Senior Level Designer for new near AAA Soul-like dark gothic ARPG - Knights of Ankhoron

[FONT=Segoe UI]Archon Forge Games Co Ltd
[FONT=Segoe UI]We are a ~10person global studio producing a near AAA multi-player ARPG in a souls-like multiplayer game “Knights of Ankhoron”. We are looking for an experienced Level Designer able to contribute immediately to our demo and launch game.

[FONT=Segoe UI]Work with our AAA artists (lots of AAA experience in our team) to create a fun and challenging vertical levels that is able to use all our climbing and traversal mechanics for our all new original game with original IP.

  • [FONT=Segoe UI]3+ years of professional experience as a level designer Unreal
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Will be required to have solid grasp of 3d vertical level design and us in-house modular assets to create fully fleshed-out immersive environments
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Will be required to work with blueprints, level streaming, plugins, and inhouse features to place enemies, puzzles, and custom events
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Will be required to make simple models/blockouts for levels
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Will work directly under our Senior Partner who has >10 years experience in AAA games and level design including previous games such as Crysis and Ryse
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Will work closely with our Technical Environmental artists and programmers to implement features
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Able to pitch level designs to senior partners and implement them for testing

[FONT=Segoe UI]Ideal Candidate:

  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience shipping a product in the games industry
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience working with Unreal’s GAS (“Gameplay Abilities System”) or online multiplayer networking system
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience working with enemy AI and Unreal’s behaviou trees a pluss
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Will be required to work with Source Control Tools (SVN)
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Experience building or playing ARPGs and Fighting Games a definite plus

[FONT=Segoe UI]Expectations:

  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Can expect to work closely with our international team of technical artists, programmers, designers, and engineers
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Able to work in international professional environment and provide daily/regular updates
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Able to set their own project timelines and be able to consistently meet their own project timelines
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Self-driven and able to work under little supervision
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Fluent English required
  • [FONT=Segoe UI]Remote work is ok

Please check out our latest trailer and videos. Our website is relatively out of date as we have a lot of unreleased upgrades within the last year.

If interested please PM me or reach out on Discord kevintwc#4702


Dropped ya a message on Discord. Cheers! :wink:


Game design graduate and level designer here.

Is the position still open?

Contact me on and I can show you a portfolio!