Senior/Lead Software Engineer/Architect - Over 18 years of experience.

Hi everyone! As the title says, I am an experienced software engineer/architect/project lead (with a long history of experience, and a love for games). I’m looking to jump in a project that shows promise, and help bring it to fruition.

You can find more about me here:

Some notes on what I am, and am not, looking for:

-I am not looking for full time work, unless: The company is well established, with a proven track record. The work is either remote, or in the Baltimore area. The salary can compete with my current private sector work (Usually not the case in game development).
-I am willing to work for a percentage/royalty provided: There is an established business plan. There is an established business entity. I believe the project shows promise.
-The project does not need to be a game, but I do hold preference for games.
-As part time work: I can be available between 7-12 hours/week. I can set aside scheduled time for up to 3 stand-up meetings (or similar) and one sprint (or similar) per week.
-While I do have the tools and experience to create artwork (both 2D and 3D), sound effects, and music; I am an engineer first, and prefer that side of the house.

Some notes on what I can bring to the table:

-I am an experienced software engineer, so obviously programming.
-I can manage your project/team, help you build out your development plan, and lead your development process as a whole.
-I can advise you on best practices, agile development, and other methodologies that will make your project progress smoothly and efficiently.

All said; I am a professional, and I will bring professional services to your team. I’m not doing this because I need the resume boost, or need to break into the industry… I’m already well established there. I simply want to be a part of creating a great game. Please understand, my time is limited and valuable; and as much as I’d love to, I cannot work for for free. As I said above, royalties are potentially an option.

If you have a great game/project in the works, and are in need of the experience to get it done; drop me a line.

Look forward to hearing from all of you!


Edit: Please contact me if you’re interested in seeing my full resume. You can reach me at, via linked-in, or private message here.