Sending variables to server


I’ve been trying to send some data to a server using a Json request. I kind of got lost with all the posts about different kind of plugins using Json.

Below a screenshot of what I’ve got so far. Turns out the request is visible on the server side, but no data is being send over. Anyone able to help me out with this? I only need to send data to the server for now.

Json blueprint.jpg

Thanks in advance.


I’d need to dig into what’s happening under the hood here, but wanted to briefly mention the VaRest plugin. You can read more about that here (and may make this much easier to deal with):


VaRest is the plugin I tried first, allthough I got the same results with that.

After trying these free plugins, I purchased the LE Json plugin on the Epic marketplace aswell. With this last one however I don’t even have a clue on how to start.

I thought sending some variables to a server should be pretty easy, turns out to be causing me a headache instead.

I imagine each of these JSON plugins work a little differently.

Ask within the post for the specific plugin you’re using.

Seems like I forgot to mention that in the original post indeed. Using JSON Query V0.91.

The way I do it is using varest, MySQL and php which I learnt from this tutorial and a few other places .

Take a look at this tutorial login system to learn how to interact with everything . For the login system he sends and retrieves the username etc from the server so all you have to do is copy/learn how he does it there and apply
It to you’re situation.

Thank you for the info EniGmaa.

I just downloaded the project files and had a look at the blueprints inside.

Am I on the right track with this screenshot below? All I would need is for those strings on the left to be stored in a database.


Issue is resolved and topic can be closed. Turned out the issue was on the server side. Got it working with Couchdb.


I have been trying to post the JSON request to Server via varest Plugin in Unreal Engine. For simple JSON object its working fine. I am trying to post Complex JSON.

Here is my JSON Request.

“HomeNumber”: “Modern1”,

“LocationReference”: {
“Builder”: {
“Name”: “Terrific Homes”,
“IntegrationKey”: “BellaVista:Roma”

Please help me, how we can do this.

Sandeep Verma