Sending some data to a database with ue4


So we are creating a game which should save some information to a database so we can analyze the data and see some information. Like if you are a male/female, what questions they answered correctly etc. It’s not going to be information linked to a name or password or anything. But it might be helpful if it can save all data from one person in the same place so we can see that a certain person is a male and answered this this and this etc.

I was thinking about a MySQL server on a computer in our office that runs a server that stores the info. Would that be possible to do with UE4? Also it will be a serious game which will probably not be played by a lot of players at the same time. So I think a simple MySQL database would be fine? Even though I know some theory about it, I basically only created single player games thus far, so the whole sending stuff to a server or database is pretty new to me. So I could use some help in starting this project properly.

Thanks for any tips or ideas in advance!

Send json string from your client, have some server side script on php/java/C# which will process incoming data and put it to DB.

Thanks peter I can work with that!!