Sending Patches to games you build?

I am a novice at unreal engine and am paying people to build a game for me. The question I have is how would I build the game so that I can send out patches to add new levels and things so people do not have to download the entire game again and replace the one they previously downloaded?

I have searched forums and found nothing and would like to know if anybody has a link to where this has been discussed. I am guessing there is a way to do it that is not that hard but I do not know how and would love to be pointed in the right direction.
Thank you.

I think that this has to do with you and not with epic games… You must develop a sofware which will be your launcher where from this people can update. But if you are going to put it on steam, it will update via steam resources so no problem there…

The engine is responsible only for making the gaming. Shipping is up to you and updating it also (imo)
I’m new here, so let’s wait for someone else to confirm so you’ll be sure

That is good to know. The game itself is a math game for kids so I do not know if steam is the best platform. Are there any other games on steam that are math games?

I will wait for others to comment. I did just barely find this Questions in topic: patch - UE4 AnswerHub

Any ideas if this would help me with sending patches / updates to the game?

Well steam is for selling your game or giving it for free either, so I don’t think that there is going to be a problem.
But if I were you, I would make a program for updating my game. It can be done easily in C# (at least at C# I have been programing and know how to) check here

So let me explain kind of what I was thinking. First off this game is an online multiplayer game and in some rooms kids will be able to see each other but not in all rooms. As I add mini games I want to have the teachers and parents get notified of the updates via my website and then they can download the patch. I was reading that in 4.8 they have a patching system or something that helps send updates to the game.

I want to see if anybody has done it with the engine so far and if maybe there is a way to do this.

The C# thing is not a bad option but I do not understand how it works?

If you are going to have a website, then you can do the two following things that come in my mind at the moment:

  • Make a downloadable installer on your website, where on this installer (you can use thisbut take a pick, there are plenty to choose from) you will hold the updates of your game, so after they download it and run it, the files will go straight away via the installer to your game files and update them
  • Make your game run via a program. So the program opens up first, checks if it has updates from your site and if it does it downloads them, adjusts the new files to the directory and then they can play. Same thing as it happens with epic games launcher

I don’t know if epic has done anything about updating. Yea I saw it too. It was a post of “Jason Wanderer”
That code that I showed you can be implemented via visual studio let’s say and make the program you want. I don’t know if you have any programing experience though…

That is a good idea as well. And the funny thing is that I bought a software called Actual Installer and it just might allow for that. I totally forgot about it since I purchased it over a year ago.

I do not have programming experience and am still not close to finishing the game for another week or two. I will look into this and let you know.

Just to get an idea pm me about a guess of the cost for you to make it. I realize it is a big guess but to get an idea. Thanks

I pmed you about what you want me to make

FYI - We now have release and patching documentation:


Awesome, but won’t games eventually become cluttered with unnecessary PAK files once things are reverted back, and lots of changed have been made?

Are those older posts? My menu looks very different.