Sending NPC/AI via a Map

Hi All

I am not sure how to explain this, I will try to explain it as well as I can though. I would like to make an old school style game where you can send out NPC’S/AI’s to gather resources, fight, using a paper map. So the player will look at the map and say he needs GOLD he will find where gold is on the map and then click on the list of to assign NPC/AI’s to send and perform the task then they bring it back.

Also if they are on there way there I would like to find away to make it so they bring back a % percentage based on luck and other attributes that the player can set.

I hope that is clear and really all I am looking for is what this is called so I can read it I am not looking for somone to do it for me I just not sure what i should study to figure it out.

If you can help I really appreciate it alot

Thanks ES

There are several ways of doing so, depending on how dynamic and real-time you want the map to be.

One option could be directly rendering the world from above, giving you a live “preview” of the world in real-time. Another option is to simply “bind” (map) the objects in your map to objects in the world. Either way, upon clicking you initialize the AI to the gathering option (plenty of tutorials on such matters). As for the percentual return, its simply a random number [0,99] (Math::Rnd() % 100) and compare it with your desired probability.