Sending Live Stream Video to a packaged Multiplayer Game. Can it be done?

Hi all.

I am pretty new to UE, so please forgive my wishful thinking here.

I believe that in our current day and age, there is a possibility that I can live stream a video to my game, and have someone join the game and see the video over local IP or anywhere in the world.

I have come this far and need some help.

Currently I am able to live stream a video to my Level using NewTek’s NDI Reciever plugin. I am able to connect to that level as Server and Client and see the live video on both viewports. This is only working on my PC alone because the source of the stream is also on this PC.

So with that I have realized, of course, the other players outside of my PC will have to download this video from somewhere for it to actually display in their game.

I have attached a picture of the start blueprint of the NDI Reciever. Is there something that can go before the Find Network Source By Name, that will direct it to my PC, to search for that video source?

Alternatively, is there a blueprint / way for a packaged multiplayer game to grab live stream media from a website and display it to the players connected to it?

I’m just thinking along the lines that OBS can send your Live video to YouTube / Twitch / Facebook. So is there a way I can do something similar inside of UE, but send it to a game that my friends can join?