Sending Integer Value Across BP's failing (Interfaces)

I’m trying to clamp how many actors are in the level at one time. And “Get All Actors From Class” is horrifyingly expensive in CPU value - so I’ve created a little algorithm that tracks how many enemies are destroyed… the only problem is that I’m getting each enemy to send an integer of +1 to a spawner actor to keep track of all the destroyed actors… but I can’t seem to send the integer.

I’m pretty sure I’m setting “Target” wrong in the first BP… but if that’s the problem I can’t figure out how to set it correctly.

Thanks for the help.

Screenshots: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You pass self as target to the interface call. Is that correct, i.e. is the implementation of the interface and the call in the same blueprint? If not, then you have to specify an instance of the implementing blueprint as target.

So the “Target” is what’s wrong, just as I suspected. I really, really have been trying to find an alternative to “Get All Actors From Class” - and now I’m right back at square one. Is there ANY way to reference my Spawn_Actor without using "Get All Actors From Class’!? I can’t have the CPU hitting this node constantly.

Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet