Sending ComboBox Choice Between User Widget Blueprints

Hey All!

Im trying to send the result, of a combo box selection, from one blueprint to another.

Ive done similar (sent a variable) before from the Character Blueprint, to my Main_HUD BP, without trouble, i just cant seem to send between two UW Blueprints.

I sent it to the Custom event in ‘W_MainHUD’, from ‘Standard Selection’ and, i would think it would print screen when it was fired, or selected from the drop down box. Instead i get nothing.

What am i missing? Should i try casting instead?

Try this:

Set W_Main_HUD in your game mode:


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Thanks for the reply!

I cant select Main HUD as an option as it is just a Widget BluePrint. Which i kind of want as i have a HUD which changes with a key press (two HUD versions, which draw information from the Character), so my HUD Class is blank:

and i Construct a HUD and add to Viewport like so:

Use CreateWidget instead of ConstructObjectFromClass:

Use ValidatedGet to debug:

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Thanks again for the time!

So i changed to Create Widget instead - thanks for picking that up:


I added the Get Validate to troubleshoot:

So it should either Be Not Valid, and Print Not Valid in Red, or it should be Valid, and go to Bees Limit (Target W Main Hud) and Bront Valid in Blue

Unfortunately, i get this:


I put a Print String on each of my Switch on String Pins, and they do work with the Combo Box, they just dont transfer across BPs.

Obviously, your ref is not valid. Try this:

Thanks @S!,

Thst didnt work. I have had to rethink my HUD structure, and have found a better way to get what i need done, done.

Appreciate the time mate