Sending audio from Submix to SoundfieldEndpointSubmix

Hi there!
I would like to ask about a very specific problem:

I can’t use a SoundfieldEndpontSubmix as a default Submix (neither via a SoundClass nor using the project Settings default submix)
I can send sound to my SoundfieldEndpointSubmix if I set the submix directly on the sound wave asset, but I don’t want to change every sound asset, that’s what sound classes and the settings are for, right?

using a SoundClass
If I create a SoundClass I cannot set the DefaultSubmix to be a SoundfieldEndpoint. But I can create a Submix that sends to a SoundfieldEndpoint. If I use this submix in the soundclass the audio never reaches the SoundfieldEndpoint though.

using the project Settings
If I do the same thing in the project settings I get the same result. DefaultSubmix set to Submix which sends to SoundfieldEndpoint but audio never gets there.

for sound assets
setting the SoundfieldSubmix in the details panel of the Audio Component works just fine.

setting for soundclass: USoundClass::Properties uses a USoundSubmix
setting on sound asset: USoundBase uses a USoundSubmixBase

So the question is, can I use a SoundfieldEndpointSubmix as a default submix OR can I send a Submix to a SoundfieldEndpointSubmix (and get it to work ;))

thanks in advance, I know it’s a long question :wink: