SendCommand to ue4 NetWork

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I really need your help for my project !

I have to communicate between my Website which is on my Phone/Tablet and the UE4.When i choose a color on my Phone, it’ll change the color in ue4. The best way to me is getting what i send in my blueprint.

Thank you

PS : sorry if i made mistakes, i’m french

You have two separate components to build, send and receive. Look into UDP send and receive in the forum or answer hub

It’s very easy to setup, send a value from your ipad and pickup the value on another device.

Thank you, i’ll search for it

Do you think that it’s possible to communicate between my Server which is on my computer and have information and my UE4 ? I mean i send info from my program to ue4 ?

Thank you

Hi !

i’m back because i try it with an empty project but i have a stupid problem . It’s very important for my project !

Thank you !