Send variables from HUD Blueprint to Level Blueprint

How to send variables from HUD to Level Blueprint?

  1. I heard it’s possible by BP Interfaces, but i dont’t know how…
    in 4.9.1 events are not existing(?) in menu? i saw only three this block but there’s no event to run this process


2)I heard that casting to blueprints can do this but there’s no casting to level blueprint
Please, can you tell me how to do it or show me the easy way to send variables from hud?

Hello, CheetahRus,

As of the release of 4.9, it is now possible to communicate with the Level Blueprint through the use of Interfaces. You can find information on Blueprint Interfaces in the documentation:

Also, it might be worth taking a quick peek at the 4.9 Release Notes, which can be found here:!
The section on the Level Blueprint Communication goes into a bit of detail about what you need to do to accomplish this.

I tried to connect tnis blueprints through interfaces as written in the instruction, but i got a problem,there’s no function event in menu (i said it before)

Event dispatchers got worked. i send a string by clicking a button on a screen
But i don’t know how to link printing of string to a custom event, not to “event begin play” node…but this idea is better than nothing