Send variable from widget blueprint to other blueprint

Hi, I’m having a problem I’m hoping someone will be able to help me with.

I’m trying to create a reusable keypad input for door codes, I had one working with static meshes and horrible logic but it was suggested I use widgets so I’m giving it a shot.

So far I have 2 blueprints, one is a widget and the other is an actor, the widget blueprint contains buttons 0-9 and a code variable which is set to the display name of whichever button you click, I can print that to screen and it works, what I need to do is this:

When clicking any of the 10 buttons I need to send the display name to the corresponding code variable in my actor blueprint, this what will eventually be used to test whether the user has entered the correct code.

The problem is I can’t figure out how to get the two blueprints to interact, I need the widget to appear in a particular spot in the world, it’s not an overlay, so I have my second blueprint, so far this has a widget object so I can place it in the world and interact with it and a code variable that I want to append the original code variable to.

So, in short, how do I access a 3d widget variable from the blueprint it is included in, or alter the blueprint from the included widget?