send variable from class to level blueprint

Hello everybody,

I’m using an OSC-Plugin for UE4, which only works in an actor class blueprint.
I receive an Float from outside the Engine but I’m not able to use it, because I need to send this variable to the level blueprint.
And that’s my breaking point. How can I send a single variable from a class blueprint to my level blueprint.

Sry if this is a simple thing, as I think it should be, but I’m new to UE4 and can’t find a solution.

Greets and thanks for your help.

The simplest way to do this:

  1. Make ur Variable public(press on the eye near Var name)
  2. Then select ur actor in level Viewport
  3. Open your LVLBP and add a reference to actor(RMB>Create reference)
  4. Then all u have to to is to drag from this reference and Get your variable.