Send to Unreal breaking bone scale

Hello, Unreal friends!
I have started to learn Unreal recently. I come from Blender + Unity, and I have got some issues with Blender export.
I first used a classic Blender to FBX to Unreal workflow, but scale was messed up, and I got problems when applying cloth simulation.
I then discovered SendToUnreal, and started to try it out. I managed to fix the cloth error, but then I saw that animation had break entirely.
My model is rigged with Rigify, with a default scale in meters of 1. Scale have been applied (picture1) . In the addon settings, “Automatically scale bones” is marked.
If I export to Unreal, a warning saying “Imported bone transform is different from original” shows.
The scale of the model is fine, and the cloth simulation is correct. Size seems in good parameter. (picture 2)

However, if I then go to the animation tab, bone size is completely broken, and the animation is pure noise (picture 3)

If I deactivate the “Automatically scale bones” in the Blender addon, the problem gets reversed: animation looks perfectly fine, but cloth size is too big and collision is not working again (picture 4)

If then I try to reduce the scene scale in Blender to 0.01, as someone suggested, the imported animation looks fine, even with the “Automatically scale bones” option checked… but the model looks tiny and unusable in Unreal!

That was the issue that convinced me to move away from pure FBX exportation, and use the oficial addon. At first, I thought it was a Rigify issue, but looking closer, seems like the same issue than before.
I expected the oficial addon to get rid of this issue. Is indeed a bug, or there’s something I am not doing right here?