Send text from unreal to ios/android app and display the text

We are creating a live theater show using UE4. The real actor is standing on the stage, and there is also ue4 scene screening on the screen behind him. The actor is reading his text from an Ipad. He is reading one sentence every time so we don’t want all the text to be displayed on the iPad but only the current relevant sentence.

We are looking for a solution to send and display on the Ipad the current relevant sentence using blueprint triggers which we will control live. So every time we will trigger the UE4 blueprint, the relevant text sentence will be displayed on the iPad. In other words, it is a kind of teleprompter controlled by ue4 in live.

Can someone help or have an idea?

Thank you

maybe you should look for some communication plugin (like tcp/ip or upd protocol like this one: