Send text from blueprint to UMG

Hello. Student and rather fresh user of UE4 here.
I’ve been struggling all day with something that might be insanely simple, and I might be overthinking it. So please enlighten me.

What I’d like to do:

  • Have a blueprint with a collision box/sphere
  • in the construction/event graph, have a text variable that will be editable, so I can change the text for each instance I place in the level
  • The player enters the collision box/sphere, and the text is sent to the UMG, and set to be visible
  • The player leaves the collision box/sphere and the text is invisible again

The text is things like learning how to use certain controls or hints if you’re stuck.

I’ve made a system where it draws text on the blueprint itself, but I’d rather have it be part of the UMG gamehud.

I got some hints from my teacher.

  • make the variables needed in the character blueprint
    in my instance I made

  • (bool) textOverlap

  • (text variable)textLine1

  • (text variable)textLine2

  • in hud umg, bind text content to a function where you cast to character and get the above text variables

  • bind visibility of said texts to another cast to character and the *textOverlap *bool variable to branch and toggle whether the text is visible or not