Send simple message with interface blueprint

How i can send a simple message with interface blueprint? I just want to send true and false statement. MainPlayerController(PlayerController.h) blueprint to MyCharacter(Character.h) blueprint. isSelected is true(default) in MainPlayerController. How can i send true statement(isSelected) to MyCharacter?

Hi Gereksiz!

Try to node [CastToCharacter][1] add [GetPlayerPawn][2].


Also, if a node EventSelectCharacter will not be joined on the output, the value that you are trying to transfer will not be accepted.


for that i need to set MyCharacter(Character.h) blueprint default pawn class in world settings. but i have another pawn blueprint default pawn right now. is there another way to communicate or send message other blueprint?

Sorry, I do not correctly understand the essence of your question.
If you use the interface, then you must specify Tatget object to which you want to address (in your case to pass a variable).
Judging by the first screenshot, you try to cast on Character (but the object casting is not specified), then at the interface message in Tatget which nothing comes (cast fail,try to debug it).
But how controller knows which of the character currently selected?
You must clearly indicate the object to which the message is transmitted.

Try to collect it in your own controller.

But with this approach, variable will change in all characters inherited from Character.h

Thanks this is what i want :slight_smile: