Send Message To Specific Blueprint?

So I have a graffiti system that I need help with, when the player collides with the graffiti blueprint it sends a message back to the player which triggers a boolean, I did this because I didn’t want to cast multiple times for different characters.

Once a key is pressed with this boolean on it then sends a message back revealing the graffiti one by one.

My problem is the message is being read by all of the graffiti on the level so no matter which one you collide with and spray on it ends up revealing all of them eventually

I would like to know how I could trigger this with sending specific messages to the colliding blueprint/doing this a better way since I’m not really sure how I would go about doing this

Thank you!

is it just your player that can trigger the graffiti? if thats the case then you could simply use a gate to control the script flow and instead of casting to identify you just use a other actor equal (==) to player character.

or another less precise solution would be to use classes higher in the hierarchy for your casts. for example cast to character instead of a specific class.

butt to answer your question specifically to send a message to a actor directly you will need a reference to that actor instance. you can get the reference via overlap events, traces, etc.

Ok so if I were to have multiple graffiti actors within my level and I get the reference to that actor instance I would be able to set the bool to reveal the graffiti on that specific actor I collided with?

Right now the message triggers the bool on all of them

So I assume if I get the reference from within the player I can then send the message to that specific actor?

if you have a reference to the actor you want to affect then you can do anything you like to it, set variables, call events, etc.

though personally i like a system where all the functionality is contained in the actor itself. so i would go with something like the above or use a interface with a “use” event. having the script contained in the graffiti actor keeps everything self contained and declutters your characters graph.

I used your gate example and the overlap events to open and close work but I’m unable to press a key to continue the script

Ok I fixed this by enabling/disabling input based on your gate switch thank you so much!

no prob. another method you could have used as well was to select the input event and in the details panel uncheck consume input.