send item to inventory and back


i work currently on a basic inventory-system. My problem is, how can i send pickup item to inventory and drop the same?
Here my Blueprints:

MyCharacter << Interaction with DroppedPickup
DroppedPickup << Drop & Pickup :class Item: to/from Inventory
Inventory << Container of current Pickuped Items
ItemDataBase << ItemID, -Name, -Mesh etc.
Item << extens from ItemDataBase

here my BP from Drop/Pickup:

and here from ItemDataBase:

You need work with objets variables, create a array of objets to store blueprints, so you can spawn and destroy blueprints(items). You can send the objets using interfaces.

hi erWilly, thx for your answer. Have you a sample for me? I can not found samples or tutorials for this.

you need first learn about interfaces:

it is a message system to send variables between BP.

thx you erWilly :slight_smile: