Send "decoy" actor on line traced

So I’ve been working a decoy system similar to titanfall’s holopilot. So far I got the actor to move in the traced line upon spawn but the hit target isn’t working too well. Here’s what I mean:


Upon pressing the F key I spawn the actor at the arrow located 65 units in front of the player in the X direction. Once spawn create a line and if the line has an impact go to impact point if not just follow the green line.

But this is the issue:

The impact is right where the arrow is so the actor just follows the green line sometimes and sometimes just stays in one spot.
P.S. Don’t mind the arrow placement that’s how the project came

I fixed the first part by just swapping the end locations to fix the first part. For the second part, I did try doing that but still has no effect. Eventually what I did is cast it and then added that to the ignore actors which seems to work. Thanks

  1. You have your branch node backwards. If you want the actor to move to a HIT location then you need that to be off the true. Right now, it says, if there is a hit (branch is true) move to the end of the trace location. Which may be the hit location since the line trace will likely stop after the first hit. But if false (no hit) move to the hit location?? Doesn’t make sense.
  2. Check your collision settings, you want the trace to ignore the actor that is running the trace. It seems like the spawned actor is what the line trace is immediately hitting that is why the line is green with the hit location likely where the actor was spawned and hence he doesn’t move. I have noticed the “ignore” self doesn’t always work due to hierarchy and other things within the actor being collided with. Simply add “self” to an array of actors and use that as the “actors to ignore” pin input. That should ensure it doesn’t collide with any part of the spawned actor.