Send data from client to server constantly without noticing the other clients

Hello everyone,

I’m posting here because I’ve been thinking that for z while and I can’t figure out how to do it.

I’m trying to notify as a client to the authority the vector where I’m trying to shoot which isn’t based on my character rotation.

I need to know it constantly on my server I’m going to use a lot of channeling spells aswell as cast animation.

I first though that I could use a replicated variable for that but it doesn’t make sense for since it can only be set by the authority which then tell everyone else what is the actual data and in my case I want the client (remote) to ONLY tell the authority which data the server should use.

Then I though, maybe I could use a replicated function for that with an input with the vector I want to send? Except I was told that they shouldn’t be send constantly so it doesn’t seem to be an option aswell.

What should I do or use then?


I did found how to do it for the one that had the same problem. Apparently I can actually use a replicated function to set the local variable on the server. I just have to set it as unreliable and it’s fine.