Send 2 Unreal Not Working With Multiple Custom Collisions

I try sending a mesh with custom collisions to Unreal with Blender Tools, but only 1 collision makes it through. When I export the mesh and manually import, all collisions are there. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? Should be set up as it’s supposed to be seeing as 1 collision is making it through with the addon.

Working from Blender this is the method that works for me.

1: The collisions are simple boxes, no extrusions or complex shapes.
2:If I have more than one collision they do not touch each other.
3:And the most important is naming. The only time I really have issue is if I fail to adhere to the naming convention.

If the name of my model is say, “Box” (with no quotation marks) I want this to be a room, and I want six collision hulls, one per side where a player could stand on the inside of the room. I name each collision like this:

Each one is a simple box scaled to a thin strip that covers each face of the box and is placed on the outside of each face. They can come close to each other but they do not touch. Select the collision boxes and your model and export. I hope this helps.

My collision as I have it works if I export normally (select all and export FBX). It works whether I have the hulls touching or not.

The problem is when I send through Send to Unreal addon. I tested even with non-touching hulls and they still didn’t go through. It seems like only 1 hull of each type gets sent. I was able to get 1 UBX and 1 UCX to go through, but not more than that. The naming conventions should be correct, seeing as they’re working with manual export.

Does your example work with the addon?

What addon are you referring to? I will try to export something using it.

Send 2 Unreal. Official Epic addon for Blender. You should be able to find it in the links.

I do not use UCX for collision. This is one of the techniques I use for collision.

I did it as an internal tutorial of how I tub in the player model environment built in 3ds Max

Hope it helps

that video does’nt even talks about blender nor blender tools

naming convention did not change anything
no collision get exported to unreal

I event tried activating rigid bodies in blender for each box

I found this

but same problem here
only one of my box is getting exported, but for the other physical objects, it’s the mesh that gets exported instead

also unreal adds a capsule around objects instead of using the boxes

that addon sucks, it merges custom collisions

To import multiple collisions you cannot have Empty in the mesh. You have to choose between importing a mesh with vertex optimization LODs or a single mesh with collision LODs.
I find it easier to import a single mesh with the collision LODs and then import the optimization LODs manually.

In this example, all UCX meshes will be imported, but with a single static mesh.

In the second example only 3 collisions will be imported, as it is the same number of LODs of static meshes.