Semi Stylized Textures Creation

Do you have any tips or workflows for semi stylized asset creation? I can sculpt but my drawing skills are not good(so baked layers would be prefect).
I want to create PBR Semi stylized design but I dont have any of PBR software(Marmoset, Substance Painter etc In my currency they are very expensive).

Here is the example what design I prefer.

Is this possible to create simillar effect without programs like Marmoset? Or it is the only way?
(I made research but most of the “stylized” threads and tutorials are focused on hand painted textures and old technique(diffuse) without PBR or with programs like Marmoset).

You do not need any special software for PBR.
The style you are referring to on the screenshot can be achieved by keeping relatively flat and uniform albedo and roughness maps and relying on your normal maps to bring out the details.