[Semi Solved] Temporary Mirror download UnrealEngineInstaller.msi

Looking for a mirror to the UnrealEngineInstaller.msi file for Windows.
The download link on the main site isn’t working for me.
“Error - The request could not be satisfied.”

Another friend managed to download the file for me, so here’s a temporary mirror link for those who wants to grab it while the Unreal folks fixes their problems.

EPIC EDIT: Hello. While we appreciate the intent of trying to help our users, we do not allow our software to be hosted externally, and we cannot condone the sharing of links to software being advertised as Epic’s but which we cannot guarantee the security of. We have removed links to the mirror, and we ask that you please immediately take the mirror down. Thank you. For anyone still experiencing the download issue, we apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you wish to make a report or track the status of this issue, please visit the post here: Cannot download UnrealEngineInstaller.msi - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums - we are closing this one.

It works for me in Google Chrome from the US. Which browser are you using and where are you downloading from?

Norway, tried using both Chrome and IE.
A friend of mine got the same error as me.

Pretty disappointing as I’ve been looking forward to getting into this today, but now, 5 hours later, nothing has changed.

My friend in Kansas City and myself in Denver (both in the US) get the same problem when trying to download the msi. We couldn’t get it working in Chrome or Firefox.

Edited my first post with a mirror download to the file.

-link removed-

I had the same issue with this. A waste of a day. Thanks for the link. Saying that before its done downloading. lol

Chrome gave an error about this download saying: “UnrealEngineInstaller-1.0.0-2039063.msi is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it.” Since this isn’t from the Unreal site, I’m going to go ahead and not trust it.

Understandable, all I can say is that it’s 100% legit, but I know myself that it’s hard to trust random people :slight_smile:
Just wanted to give those who are tired of waiting for Unreal to fix their own problems a chance of getting it the same way I did.

I both appreciate that and acknowledge that it’s more likely that you’re trying just trying to help like you say. I just have a habit of being paranoid about this kind of thing, so I wanted to contribute that this error happens and anyone can go force the download if they want. No offense to you, and thanks for helping. :slight_smile:

It is safe.