Semi Realistic to Realistic Hair

So I want to follow this path when working with hair


In my game the player will be able to change hairstyles. I was wondering if I should import the hair as a separate fbx with no skeletal, Attach it to a Socket on the head, and then when texturing it, use tessellation (Which I will still need to learn more about in order to use it for rendering a full proper head of hair). Another thing I’d like to know is how can I make it react like hair should? Can I open it in maya and use APEX on the lower end of it (The part not attached to the head) so that it would move when the player jumps, runs, and attacks?


Atm I personally would use Apex for realistic hair movement :slight_smile: -> it works the same as it is shown in those videos:


So you just have to add a bone - do the apex part (so tell apex where and how far something should move) - export it

Another way is to animate it with a rigg -> so every animation has his own hair movement.

I just signed up and I guess I have to wait before I can get access to the Maya Apex Plugin. Does it have to be a bone or can I get away with a socket? (My Character is rigged through Mixamo and Adding a Socket would make it easier to switch the hair out for a different one once I develop that part of the game)