Semi random spawn locations


I’m currently playing around with the random spawning of actors, but I’d like it to be a little more controllable, as a the moment stuff is going all over the shop, which whilst random, is somewhat problematic.

I’m currently spawning a single tile that the player can walk around on. What I’d like to have is say, ten, predefined points on the ground when the tile spawns. Then, in the creation script, pick say five of those points at random, then spawn an actor there.

I’ve seen target points in the place menu within the main engine window, but I can’t see target points as addable components within the blueprint editor. I’m guessing they are a different component, or something?

I guess I could use arrows as the targets for spawning, but target points seemed like the best idea, but I can’t find them.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You can do it a lot of different way but let’s say you want to add 10 components, you could go for “Scene” component, as it is what they are used for. They do not have any rendering or physic associated, merely “dummy” component.

If you want something like the TargetActor, you can use Billboard component. You can even go search the Engine content to get the target icon!

You have to Show Engine Content to see it (like in the picture below)

Just the ticket, thanks very much!

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Hello, On the same point - How would I set this up using Blueprint - could I use some kind of array to spawn my objects?