Selling whole UE project with marketplace assets

Case 1 - As a side note, selling “the whole project” likely means that the buyer will also need to be a Unreal Engine licensee. At any rate, you can do as you suggest, but the buyer will only be able to use the Marketplace assets for that project; they can’t re-use them for other projects.

Case 2 - Basically same answer as above.


I have a problem about stuff bought on marketplace and selling a projects.


I am making a project called XYZ. I am also making a lot of assets by myself but there are also some bought on marketplace. Now, my client wants to buy the whole project with all the rights to it.

Q. Can I sell right to those assets? There is no way I can give access to those assets since the account is bind to my person. Even if I will send the license etc. there is no way that I will re-buy the same assets for myself.


The same as above but my client wants buy right to all the things that I will make EXCLUDING stuff that I will describe (in this case all the assets bought on marketplace). So, I will not give him right to assets but only for my stuff. My client wants to have access so he can modify only this particular project and make changes for himself like, rendering a movie from the project, changing some small things etc.

Q. Same as above. Can I sell a project but I will notice which assets he cant have rights to?

The problem is that I am not selling a compiled project but UE project and what about the license?


Thanks for such fast answer.

Other question: can my client demand for me to give him access to those assets? Lets say he says: “I bought those assets, please send me the license so I will have no problems AND please give me access so I can download that particular model in case I lost it somehow.”
Its not possible to transfer assets and I cant give the access to my account. Even if I will send the license, then I will have no right to use that asset in my other project and I can`t RE-buy an asset on the marketplace on the same account.

Any suggestions for that?

So, lets say that my client will buy the whole project with all the assets. Can I send those assent on his Epic account? If that is a thing then it would solve my problems. I guess that he will be the full owner of those assets and that he can use it for all his projects.

  1. Is that correct?
  2. How can I send assets from one account to another?

But after I make the transfer to his account, I guess he will be owner of it, not me after the transfer to his account.

That would be a great help for me. Please let me know how to do that.

Are you sure it’s not possible to transfer access to the assets? I know it’s common and anticipated for teams working on the same game to share assets for that game development.

But yes, sending the license doesn’t help - the EULA is readily available but it doesn’t give them rights to use it outside of that project. For that, they need to re-buy the assets themselves.

From a legal point of view, it’s ok for you to send him the assets, but he can only use them for that project. He won’t have a legal license to use them on any other projects.

I can’t answer from a technical standpoint, but I can try to find out if you still need it.

I have one more question - if I sell whole project and my client is allowe do use it with this project only. Can I still use it in my other projects? Do I have the license for myslelf or I need to send it to my client since he bought it?

Yes, if you bought Marketplace assets, you can continue using them on multiple projects. If you transfer a project to a client, they can only use the assets for that specific project.

You can’t transfer the entitlement. But the content will show up in your Content folder so you can provide it to him via email, FTP, or other file sharing, for the limited purpose of continuing to use it on that project.