Selling UDK assets


I’m representing a Evermotion studio, we are creators of models and scene collection for CG artist and we are thinking about converting some of our scene assets into UDK, actually we already did some tests thats looks very good compering to vray renders.
So my question is can we sell our own udk assets in our evermotion shop on our site and what kind of license do we need?? Here you can find our shop, all of the models and scenes our ours and were created here at evermotion stydio:
Our goal is not only bring the UDK scenes(assets) into hi end visualization market but also create some game assets for game developers in the feature.

Waniek Rafał allias Edi
Evermotion Studio Director

Hi Evermotion,

To clarify, are you selling models and textures that are built for UDK or are you talking about making UDK file packages?


UDK = Unreal dev kit (UE3)

UE4 = Unreal engine 4.

Do you mean UDK or UE4?

thanks for reply…first of all I need to ask is this an open hub for all registered users? cos what I’m about to write is confidential at the current state.
So is this is public can we have a private chat or contact via email?? my email is or skype edi_ever.

Yes, this is a public page. I was told that you can contact the marketplace manager for your question:

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Ok cool thank you very much for help.