Selling Speed Trees?

Hi guys

I was just wondering are we allowed to sell speedtree trees on the market place? Does speedtree allow this and does epic?

Thanks guys

I can’t see why they wouldn’t allow that.

It would be like buying a hammer and only be allowed to build houses for yourself.

But, hold out for a definitive answer.

Hey Defused!
TLDR: You can’t just sell this assets. If you want to do so - you have to contact SpeedTree via
Also, I believe this is limitation of UE4 subscription specifically.

Source: SpeedTree for Unreal Engine 4 EULA

Ok, thanks man just something i was wondering

(SUBSCRIPTION) A Death Blow…:frowning:


Thanks zeOrb!

Yes, always make sure you read the end user license agreements of content creation software like that to verify whether you can do it or not. It’s the responsibility of the person submitting content to the Marketplace to verify they have the right to redistribute that content. If you don’t, we can’t publish it.

As for Marketplace acceptance standards for generated content, we don’t currently have any formal rules about this. My own personal preference is on creating new content, but in some cases, there could be some really cool and quite valid uses of tools like this that could make it onto the Marketplace. If it’s something that saves people time and effort and fulfills a game development need, and you can legally distribute what you create, that’s exactly what we like to see. It all comes down to providing value and saving effort\labor.

As it is right now, though, most of the generated content I’ve seen hasn’t been good enough to include on the Marketplace. It’s mostly generic characters from Fuse, or very simple landscapes from World Machine. It’s basically what you could make after taking a tutorial and spending half an hour tweaking basic settings. Most people wouldn’t spend money on the end result of a tutorial they could have taken themselves, so those are examples of generated content we’ve rejected and why. Fortunately, not very many people have tried that, but it’s pretty easy to see when someone’s only doing the bare minimum to make a quick dollar, instead of working hard to create something that will help game developers solve a problem. And we’re open to all kinds of ideas on how to do that. :slight_smile: